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Not having a very good night. Of anyone else has anymore anime suicide pictures. Please send them to me.

I may not know you or your life, but please just breathe. Watch some anime or read some manga and you might feel better in the morning vent to someone or something just don’t do anything to harm yourself. :D

Its not pretty I’ve been there

Thank you for youd concern. I have vented to a lot of people, I was beginning to feel better, but then something happened when looking at peoples profile pictures on skype then I started to feel bad again. So now im back to ranting and my heart feels tight.

I’vd promised myself never to self harm again. It’s hard keeping the promise you wanna break so badly, but so far so good.

Skype is the devil if the root of what ever it is comes from peoples pictures on skype, close skype for a little tell people to text you or call you.

Glad to hear you haven’t harmed yourself in a while. :D

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